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Spacy Articulator (Semi-Adjustable) Wing

*Removable upper member facilitates wax-ups.
*Wide space on the lower jaw frame provides excellent workability.
*Falling down preventing design when upper jaw is opened.

*Balance keeping with three projections when it is set upside down.
*Place for name & number marking is available on the frame.

Spacy Articulator (Semi-Adjustable) Wing


*Distance between Upper and Lower Frames/ 100mm

**Intercondylar width/ 110mm

*Sagittal condylar path inclination/ 0~60°(every 5°)

*Bennett angle/ 0~30°(every 5°)

*Balkwill angle/ 20°

*Angle of incisal path
/ Sagittally 10°·15°·20°
/ Laterally 10°·15°·20°


*Mounting Ring 2 ea.
*Split Cast Retention Disk 10 ea
*Incisal Guide Table15°·20°


Description Code No.
Spacy Articulator (Semi-Adjustable) Wing 19730

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