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Agar Syringe (5/16) Type-2

Agar Syringe (5/16) Type-2

*Fluorocarbon resin, material of main body, provides durability without cracks and discolor.

*Secure grip design.

*You can recognize residual quantity through translucent syrin.

*Color coding helps your choice of needle length and its outer diameter.

*Useful when taking impression of inlay and crown.

*Also available to take impression of deep canal root like post core etc.

*Autoclavable (up to 135°C)

Description Code No. Needle Length Needle outer Dia.
2S (Pink) 13600 10mm φ0.8mm
2L (Blue) 13601 17mm φ0.8mm
3S (Green) 13602 10mm φ1.2mm

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