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030_Laboratory Torchs

Handy Torch

Handy Torch

*Designed for one-handed operation during soldering or waxing.

*Used by hand or by placing it on a desk.

*Flame control is possible .Flame is stable.

*Gas is empty at the time of delivery.

Handy Torch

*The head is given 70 degrees angle. This angle avoids the flame from going straight upwards, preventing direct dripping of wax on the noozzle.


*Weight/ 245g (with screen board)

*Gas volume/ 15g

*Combustion time
/ Approx. 35 minutes / Labo
/ Approx. 80 minutes / Ortho

*Flame temperature/ 1300°C (blue flame)


Description Code No.
Handy Torch Labo without Gas 27906
Handy Torch Ortho without Gas 27907

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