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Evacuation Tip Universal

20 Degrees

Evacuation Tip Universal

90 Degrees

Evacuation Tip Universal

*Autoclavable (up to 135°C)

*2 kinds of bending angles are available for use in horizontal position or standing position.

*There is no trap for suction prevention attached at the evacuation tip so it is easy to clean. (Rubber Sleeve has a trap.)

*“Evacuation Tip Adapter (No.13-614)” is required in case the inside diameter of evacuation tube is 16mm.

-Sold Separately- Cleaning Brush L Diameter 12mm

Evacuation Tip Universal

Size/ 180mm

Description Code No.
20 Degrees (5 ea.) 13611
90 Degrees (5 ea.) 13612
Cleaning Brush L Diameter 12mm (12 ea.) 13653

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